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Photos of Nathan Fillion, from Castle, Dr. Horrible, Firefly, etc.
This is a community for fans of Nathan Fillion: Rick Castle on Castle, Captain Hammer on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly, Caleb on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Johnny Donnelly on Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place, and Joey Buchanan on One Life To Live, amongst many other roles.

The rules here are simple:

1. Each post must include a picture of Nathan, from any period in his career. This does not include comments on previous posts. The picture can be embedded directly in the post itself or it can be in the form of a link to a photo somewhere else on the net; it could even be a link to a site that has lots of photos of him. But each post must include a picture of Nathan, period, end of story, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Do not link directly to images hosted on sites other than your own, i.e., no hotlinking. There are many photo hosting sites on the web, please research them..

3. Post large pics (greater than 500 pixels wide) or multiple pics behind cut tags. Pics smaller than 500 pixels wide or the first pic in a group of two or more may be posted outside the cut tag.

4. Photo manips, icons, wallpapers, etc., are also welcome, but please - large images belong behind cuts.

5. At Fillion Daily we realize that Nathan's private life is just that - private - and as such don't really have time for rumours or gossip about it. Unless Nathan himself has stated it publicly, we just really aren't interested. Please refrain from posting anything that he has not announced in a public forum with regards to his personal life, or your post - even if it contains a picture/link to a picture - will be deleted without warning.

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All questions or inquiries can be directed at rockgoddes. Thanks.